MasterChef New Zealand 2015

TV one Broadcaster TVNZ 1
Series 1 - 16 x 1/2 Hour

HOMEmade series 1 - Wednesdays @ 7:30pm on TVNZ 1

Each week our HOMEmade team surprise a family whose home is in need of major improvement.  Our team will choose one room to renovate, and one area of the garden.  The owners hand over the keys and the team take over the house for two days.  The only catch is that the family don’t get to decide which room the team will make over.

Should our trusting family have let the team in the house in the first place? They won’t know which room our designers have chosen, or what part of their garden and have no idea what to expect until they return to the house 48 hours later when the makeover is complete.

Have the HOMEmade team chosen to destroy one of the family’s favourite rooms or are they going to be ecstatic when they see the results from our Interior Designer, Melissa Greenough? Dan Mackay, our landscape designer, has got his work cut out to create some magic in the garden. Builder Dion South is pulled between the inside and the outside requests and Goran Paladin has the job of managing the team and the workload, plus he doesn’t mind rolling up his sleeves to help out…

HOMEmade follows the makeover journey of 16 homeowners… We’ll show New Zealanders what can be achieved inside and out in a short time and we’ll inspire Kiwi families by giving them helpful ideas and advice in a fun format that’s accessible to everyone.

HOMEmade Team:
Goran Paladin, Melissa Greenough, Dan Mackay, Dion South

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