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Karena & Kasey's Kitchen Diplomacy
TV ONE Broadcaster TVNZ 1
Series 1, 2016 - 10 x 1/2 Hour
Series 2, 2018

Series One:

In Season one of Karena and Kasey’s Kitchen Diplomacy, MasterChef winners Karena & Kasey Bird leapt outside their comfort zone to brave an ambitious global gastronomic journey.

Crowned the youngest ever winners of MasterChef these self-taught Maori cooking sensations took on the world - one bite at a time!

In season one, Karena & Kasey – who had barely seen anything of their own country, let alone the rest of the world - packed their bags and embarked on an epic 10‐stop tour around the globe, promoting their culture along the way.

From destinations in Asia, Europe, the Pacific and The Americas our sisters were challenged to bring their unique style of cuisine to different cultures. In each exotic location, Karena and Kasey gained a fresh insight into indigenous cultures and cuisines from around the world, and left a distinctive New Zealand Māori footprint in their wake.

In each episode they do their best to win over the taste buds of their local guests – experiencing some incredible adventures along the way. These sisters proved they have a big attitude, great humour and remarkable talent with the show winning “Best Lifestyle Programme” at the New Zealand Television Awards.

Season one destinations: Indonesia - India - America - China - Japan - Italy - Chile - New Caledonia - Korea - Vietnam


Series Two:

After enjoying overwhelming success in both their home nation New Zealand and on screens around the world, New Zealand’s MasterChef sisters from small-town Maketu set out to do it all again.

Armed with the lessons of season one, MasterChef’s youngest ever winners packed their bags again to resume their global culinary exploration.

Season one introduced Karena and Kasey to sometimes gob-smacking foreign gastronomic experiences and in season two they delve even deeper, with a desire to connect – through food – to 10 more of the world’s cultural communities.

Having already travelled across multiple countries, cooking for groups of locals at each of their 10 stops in season one, our sisters developed a heightened sense of the cultural and ceremonial practice of food - so in each of their season two destinations, this is reflected.

In this 10 episode romp, Karena and Kasey are not only comfortable travellers, but super-comfortable on-screen ... ramping up the humour and letting down their guard to not only reveal even more of their larger than life personalities and their special relationship as sisters, but also taking risks with their food – and proving once again why they won MasterChef streets ahead of their rivals.

This is a watch which is not only a rollicking good time, but Karena and Kasey’s Kitchen Diplomacy also offers an insightful cultural experience for viewers and showcases some of the world’s freshest and rarest produce. Add to that a couple of sisters whose cooking impresses even Michelin-star Chefs and it’s hardly surprising this is an award winning offering.

Season two destinations: Thailand - USA (Arizona) - Argentina - Fiji - Hawaii - Ireland - Malaysia - Peru – Sri Lanka – Taiwan