RSPCA Animal Rescue

RSPCA Animal Rescue
Channel 7 AustraliaBroadcaster Channel 7 (Australia)
Series 1, 2007 - 13 x 1/2 Hour
Series 2, 2008 - 22 x 1/2 Hour
Series 3, 2009 - 20 x 1/2 Hour
Series 4, 2011 - 26 x 1/2 Hour

RSPCA Animal Rescue is an observational documentary series featuring the tough daily assignments and high pressure work faced by the RSPCA's inspectorate and veterinary staff; men and women who work tirelessly to fight animal cruelty across Australia.

It's a fierce and sometimes emotional journey for the inspectors as they confront cases of horror and heartbreak during their job to rescue the lost, neglected, abandoned and abused animals of Australia – a country with one of the greatest pet populations per capita in the world.

The series is presented and narrated by Anthony Field, aka 'the blue Wiggle'. Each year, more than 138,000 animals are given shelter at one of the many branches of the RSPCA across Australia. Many are rescued by the inspectors, some surrendered and others are brought to their clinics by one of the many Animal Ambulances that support the main branch offices.

RSPCA Animal Rescue gives the viewer an up-close look at the work and care the RSPCA give to animals. It's often a high drama environment where frontline staff make life and death decisions every day, occasionally risking their own safety for the life of an animal.