The Rich List TV Series

The Rich List
TV ONEBroadcaster TVNZ 1
Series 1, 2007 - 13 x 1 Hour
Series 2, 2008 - 13 x 1 Hour

The Rich List is an addictive quiz show from the creators of The Weakest Link where contestants have the chance to win big money by completing lists. Complete strangers are matched together and must then work as a team to better an opposing team at filling in missing answers on a series of lists. From 'Presidents of the USA' to 'States with a coast on the Atlantic', contestants will need to delve into their memory banks, as just one more answer could make them rich. Prize money is split equally between the team, with $50,000 per Rich List, and up to $100,000 to win every show.

The Rich List offered the biggest prize money on TV.